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Hanson Mold, a division of the Hanson Group, was founded in 1966. Our name comes from our founder and chairman of the board, Merlin Hanson, a tool and die apprentice graduate himself. Our facilities, now located on a 50-acre site in St. Joseph, MI, consist of an office and engineering group, a 42,000 sq. ft. tooling facility, and a 10,000 sq. ft. mold testing facility.

Hanson Mold specializes in the design, build, sample, and inspection of precision molds – primarily for the die cast industry. Using our modern equipment and engineering/design software, our team is committed to providing the die cast industry with the finest, most efficiently designed, high quality, long lasting tooling available. From small, multi-cavity dies to large, single-cavity tooling with complex slides, Hanson Mold ensures you a World Class tool.

We offer complete die design, construction, sampling, and inspection of zinc, magnesium and aluminum die cast dies.

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As a World Class die-cast die manufacturer we’ll provide you with premium quality US made tooling that meets the rigid quality standards of demanding manufacturing environments.

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