Rigorous Inspection & the Highest Quality Standards

Using the latest laser scanning technology and touch-sensitive probes, Hanson’s coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) check mold and die tooling components and provide records of dimensional readings. By utilizing the latest inspection software, our CMM operators are able to check electrodes, cavity steel, and final parts against the original CAD models developed by our engineering and programming departments.

Certified computer generated inspection reports can be delivered with our mold and die tooling. Our 100% inspection assures our customers dimensionally accurate die cast dies, plastic injection molds, and coordinating components and products.

Quality at Hanson is more than a goal, it is a way of life. Quality is built into your tooling every step of the way, as it is closely monitored by the sales project engineer, moldmakers, and our quality control department. Our quality department also maintains constant communication with the inspection department, sales project engineer, moldmaker, and our customer.

With a defined quality program in place for many years, Hanson Mold continues to develop our quality program to ensure that each of our departments remains in compliance with the latest ISO requirements. By performing internal audits, our quality department makes sure that every area of our business, from clerical to mold and die machining and manufacturing, remains in compliance with our quality program.


  • Inspecting both steel and casting back to the original electronic model
  • Creating and running automated checking routines
  • A second CMM gives us additional inspection capacity


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As a World Class die-cast die manufacturer we’ll provide you with premium quality US made tooling that meets the rigid quality standards of demanding manufacturing environments.

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