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Servicing of Dies & Die Cast Tooling

Hanson Mold services dies and offers die cast tooling repair – whether the servicing is required on Hanson-built dies, or on your die from another builder. We perform maintenance and complete modifications on all tooling and die systems. With quick and reliable tooling repairs, we can help prevent downtime and late deliveries.

Whether a die breaks, you are running out of tolerance, or you have engineering changes, count on Hanson Mold for help. Our skilled teammates will get you up and running. To update or make die changes, we will remanufacture to your specifications. We can laser scan to reverse engineer a die or component, ensuring fit and function as good as new.

If there is an emergency, our experienced technicians will perform any required repairs, revisions, maintenance or servicing. Finally, when the experts at Hanson Mold perform a repair, they do it right the first time.

Die Servicing Capabilities:

  • Engineering Changes
  • Hole and other part compensation
  • Gate and cavity repair
  • Complete reconditioning
  • Overall troubleshooting

Hard Milling

Hanson Mold specializes in hard milling, a process to help improve the overall quality of your product. As specialists in advanced, high-speed and high-performance milling, we recognize that hard milling can improve surface finish, accuracy, reduce production time, lead time and delivery, and even reduce or eliminate electrical discharge machining (EDM).

With our advanced machines and large variety of specialty cutting tools, our team can cut even your most challenging materials with speed and accuracy. With our hard milling services – that can decrease secondary operations – we’ll deliver your job on schedule, and for the right price.

EDM Sinking

Hanson Mold’s sinker EDM machining, like wire EDM, uses spark erosion to machine intricate cavity shapes, holes and threads. Also called conventional EDM, ram EDM, die-sinker, and plunge EDM, EDM sinking employs machined electrodes – often made from copper, graphite, or tungsten – sparks are produced along their surface to erode and sink or plunge the cavity. EDM sinking is ideal for many applications, including sharp corners, threads, ribs, and intricate details.

We can perform EDM sinking on any conductive material, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and titanium. Our sinker EDM machines can change tools, allowing us to increase unattended machine time and minimize your cost.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM, which may also be referred to as wire cutting, wire burning, and traveling wire EDM, utilizes spark erosion from a traveling wire electrode to machine or remove material from any electrically conductive material, such as aluminum, brass, carbide, copper, steel, and titanium. Often, the wire electrode consists of brass or zinc-coated brass material.

Hanson Mold has fully-automated high-speed wire EDM machines to serve you, whether your application is a die build, prototype or you require higher-volume production. We can accept a wide variety of files for uncomplicated generation into wire EDM programs. Please contact Hanson Mold to learn what we can offer you.


Hanson Mold unites the latest CNC machining technologies with skilled machinists and creative solutions to meet your strictest requirements. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, we deliver the tight tolerance components you demand via our people, experience, and quality control systems.

With our multiple 4-axis horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers, we can manufacture components in many sizes and complex shapes. The flexibility and cutting-edge machining technology we offer benefits our clients with significantly reduced overall machining time, elimination of multiple setups, and optimized production of complex parts.