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Over the past 50 years, our long running dies have produced dimensionally accurate castings and plastics components across a wide spectrum of industries.

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The tool and die industry holds bright promise for those who invest time in learning the trade. Talk to Hanson about our Apprenticeship Program.

1. Dieformance Guarantee

Dieformance is Hanson Mold’s proprietary way-of-working that assures your die cast die or injection mold meets or exceeds your specifications in terms of project delivery, total costs, dimensional accuracy, production reliability, and length of service. Dieformance leverages our expertise, technology, equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Unique in the tooling industry, Dieformance is a high-value program designed to support manufacturers in the global marketplace with the design, build, sample, and inspection of our World-Class tooling.

2. Leverage Our Engineering Expertise

From initial contact, through job quoting, needs analysis, and production, your experienced sales engineer is your project navigator, your advocate bridging Hanson Mold to your purchasing and engineering departments. The depth of our expertise can be a buyer’s greatest asset in developing and maintaining successful, long lasting tooling programs. Our sales engineers all have over 25 years of die design and manufacture experience . . . experience that’s reflected in the life of our dies and molds.

3. Die Cast Sampling: Proof of Performance

Our 600 ton and 1600 ton die cast machines allow us to cast samples from a large range of dies in-house. Your die will arrive at your facility fully tested and validated. All sample runs also produce process data, allowing us to provide guidelines for initial production settings at your facilities. We can also test trim dies in concert with the die cast dies.

4. Versatility of Die Cast Dies and Injection Molds

We can support your program with both superior, yet competitive, tooling for die cast dies or injection molds. Rely on Hanson Mold to provide solutions for casting defects in thin walled, complex castings with tight tolerance requirements. Chances are, we’ve done it: achieving shorter cycle times with reduced scrap rates, in complex pours for traditional and innovative structural castings.

5. Reduce Your Manufacturing Costs

Using NX, Catia, SolidWorks, and Magma flow and thermal simulation, our designers predict optimal filling characteristics and shortest cycle times while avoiding gas inclusions, porosity and cold fill. By employing casting process simulation, Hanson engineers can fine tune die design, runner design, and casting parameters to help assure optimal casting quality, maximum die life, and minimal maintenance. We address all aspects of your die, including castability improvements, flow and thermal analysis, and material specifications.

6. Scalable Manufacturing and Validation

Call Hanson Mold when you need tooling for your most challenging, intricate, and complex parts whether large or small. Our journeymen mold makers and machinist use a broad range of machinery and processes to provide improved accuracy and maximum unattended machine time for increased efficiency. Both our large 200 ton and small 100 ton spotting presses provide further verification of die accuracy which is essential for achieving flash free dies in high pressure die casting environments. Using both conventional CMMs and laser scan inspection, we provide documented, fully validated and dimensionally accurate die cast dies, plastic injection molds, and replacement components.